Friday, October 08, 2010

suzuka tea


Jed said...

A lot of the work your doing right now seems to have a very spacial feel. Images like this one are less like compositions in respect of the picture plane and more like an illustration of some kind of organic machine. They always seem to be doing some kind of physical function. Sort of like if you could sculpt with living things that you could tame into doing what you wanted them to do. I can see where you're interest in animation comes from in these.

Who's that guy who sculpts with fat and other perishable stuff? Sort of like that. Or those fast motion movies of nature where entropy gets sped up and plants and insects seem to defy physics. I imagine a person could manipulate something like that, make sculptures out of perishable things or living things and film them in fast motion, using entropy itself, decay and insects as a dynamic sculptural medium.

Makes me think about guys like Andrew Goldsworthy who make sculptures that only exist for a very short time, and the record of them, his photos become the evidence that you share with people. What about a kinetic sculpture that decompresses over a period of days, and then compressing it again into a film? That would be something if it were done well, but I bet someone's already done it.

Just thinking out loud, just an interesting idea more than a suggestion.

Beautiful work as always.

Lilly said...

i like what jed said.