Tuesday, February 21, 2017

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g said...


My name is Hangyul Lee, and I am about one year experienced Ruby on Rails web developer and also a electrical and electronics engineering student from South Korea.

I am currently involved in a non profit programming education group, LikeLion. We teach college students who are wiling to become a rails web developer without being paid. I really learn a lot from sharing my knowledge and feel happy to get along with people who has passion about the world of creation.

As my students and I became Rails lovers, We wanted to buy a Rails sticker and put it on my Mac. But it was just not easy for us. None of the sticker producing companies in Korea are selling any kind of developer stickers. The only way I could reach was to buy one from devstickers.com or unixstickers.com.

The problem is that it takes about 3 weeks and also cost unfair shipping fee which makes people to hesitate on buying it. Definitely same process for Gopher stickers too.

So I decided to make one. I really want Korean people to have easy access on buying Gopher stickers within fair price and short shipping period. I really hope you could let me sell Gopher stickers in Korea. I definitely am not asking your permission for free. I already have mailed to the founder of Ruby, Matsumoto and the founder of Rails, DHH and got approved to sell the items in condition of donating certain percentage of my profits to the charities in the name of their organization. I definitely want to accept whatever your offer is. If you could just give me permission and following rules(sharing profit with your organization or donating to certain charities as Rails did.. whatever you name) I will do the every jobs needed and let Korean people to have access on Gopher stickers.

Will it be Okay? If I have other plan to produce any modified logo items, I will mail you again.
I really want Korean people to have access on Gopher stickers from Korea not from the unfamiliar online shop across the continent and I am 100% sure that Korean people will buy more stickers than ever before which will be non-zero sum game for both of us.

Thanks for having time reading it.

Sincerely, Han